So what motivated me to start this blog? First was the fact that I felt compelled to tell my story to anyone who would listen, in case they too could place themselves in my situation. They could identify the same issues and perhaps be able to travel the same road that I am on.

It is a fact that we all learn from experience; others’ –  or our own. Learning from others’ experiences, especially mistakes, is a far more effective and pain-free way of progressing, compared to learning from your own mistakes.

More important though is the fact that we are under a mandate to make disciples of peoples of all the nations. We are exhorted by God and by Christ to teach and to preach. By starting this platform, I hope to also teach others about Christ. I am an ardent bible student and it would be selfish to keep what I am learning to myself. I know many people do not have the tenacity to read through the entire bible again and again. I do. And the truths I keep learning about Christianity are mind-blowing!

Contrary to popular belief, Christianity is actually not a religion; it is a science, a lifestyle. The bible is not a religious book. It is a manual for life. And a far superior manual to any motivational/success coaching/self-improvement/get-rich book anyone else has ever authored. Best of all, it teaches you not just how to make it big in this life, but more importantly, into eternity.

I have learnt in my reading of the bible that God is not the mystical, fearful, “backward” entity that most make Him out to be. He is indeed love and His love stretches beyond the imagination. All He wants is to ensure that we live the best life possible, both now and in the life to come. And following Christ is not – contrary to popular belief – a “hard” way to live life. In actual fact, it is easier to be a Christian than to not be one!

Unfortunately the World, and especially the Christian religion, has obscured the original message from the bible through the infusion of man-made doctrines which have nothing to do with being a Christian. Sometimes, these doctrines even work against people receiving Christ into their lives! I will also try and de-bunk these doctrines so that more can come to worship God and Christ “in spirit and truth”, as it should be.